Social Media Strategies

social media strategies
for police departments

Utilize Social Media to Market Your Job Opportunities

Don’t post your open positions, market them through social media channels.

Social media is the living, breathing, digital life for your department. It’s where law enforcement increasingly shares real-time news, public safety notices, crisis information, and unfiltered positive police work. Social media is an essential element in law enforcement communications and if done right, can be a great agent in attracting new recruits. By engaging users and providing a personal voice to your department or organization, you can give people a perspective they may typically miss on your website or through traditional media coverage. Our social media strategies are an important component to our recruiting and retention services. Effective initiatives can have positive results on many levels. Find A Force will work directly with your staff to create a strategy, schedule, and apply best practices to ensure your social media presence is strong, reaches the right folks, and tells the right story. Our social media services can be completely run and managed by our team, offer a collaborative management approach with your team, or simply provide you with the proper training and resources to enable you to successfully maintain internally.

We also assist our clients in creating content to post to social media. This includes video production, social media campaigns, press releases, and media statements. Our content services offer an effective template to best attract recruits, promote positive stories, handle a crisis, and much more. Our staff will train your personnel on how to craft effective content for your department and feel comfortable you are applying best practices in every situation.


Facebook gives your department a personality or voice you can’t typically personify in other media outlets.



Recruit officers using Facebook


Twitter is best utilized for “real time” news, allowing your community to stay connected and be well informed.



Recruit officers using Twitter


Video content makes up more than 50% of consumed content.  Educate and inform your users through YouTube.



Recruit officers using YouTube


Tell your story to younger recruits using a great mix of imagery, video, and written content.



Recruit officers using Instagram


LinkedIn provides a great platform for your department’s recruiters to post jobs, and department information.



Recruit officers using LinkedIn

social media training

Find A Force provides social media strategy training.  Train your PIOs and recruiters on social media best practices.  Click here to learn more about our Training services.

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