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Is Your Department's Message and Brand Attracting Potential Officers?

Great officers want to work with great departments.  Are you delivering the right message to potential candidates?

Many law enforcement organizations feel misunderstood or misrepresented.  Much of this can be attributed to poor branding, messaging, and crisis management media.    By working with Find A Force, you will be confident in  how your brand represents your department, the clarity in your messaging, and  your capabilities of dealing with the media during a crisis.  

At Find A Force, we are going to change the perspective of your existing brand.  Rather than the focus be on the department, the focus will be on your target audiences including the community, the media, and potential recruits.  We typically rework our client brand and messaging by changing the perspective of their websites, social media, and advertising, to speak directly to your targets.  We call this a “user-centric” approach and we focus on creating content that each target can relates to.  Typically law enforcement brands, messaging, and content takes an “organization-out” approach, simply meaning your digital content reads as if it was written by the department, for the department.  Many times our clients fail to speak directly to their targets, nor address their target needs and concerns.  This simple shift in perspective from the “organization-out” to the “user-in” approach will drastically improve your communication efforts with your readers.

Find A Force  works very closely with your staff to craft clever, effective messaging, social media posts, and web content.  We work on addressing all of your target concerns, but also highlight your features and benefits to the community.  Finally, we provide clear paths for all of your readers to react and reach out, creating clear call to actions and effective interaction methods.

Mark Cyphers, our branding, marketing, and web executive, has more than two decades of experience helping organizations create effective brands, messaging, and web strategies.

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78% of agencies are having difficulties recruiting qualified candidates.


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75% of agencies claim recruiting is more difficult than 5 years ago.


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50% of agencies are having to change policies to increase candidate pool.


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