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analytics for
police department recruitment

Looking to improve your recruiting efforts? Learn more about your web and social media visitors.

Find A Force provides real-time analytics, giving your police department the data you need to evaluate and adjust your recruitment campaigns.

An essential component to your recruiting efforts is the ability to measure the successes of your efforts.  By understanding which initiatives provide the best results, you can adjust your campaigns and get a better ROI.  Find A Force provides analytical software tools for every front of your recruiting efforts.

  • Website Tracking
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Pay Per Click and Advertisement Performance
  • Search Engine Traffic and Keyword Analysis
  • Conversion Tracking (users who engage with recruiting efforts)
  • Email Campaigns (tracking open and read rates, subscribe, unsubscribe)

where do candidates come from?

Find A Force analytics provide data to determine where new candidates are coming from.  


Social Media Recruiting

what are candidates searching for?

Knowing what potential candidates are searching for allows Find A Force to optimize your web page effectively.  


Search for Police Jobs

what pages are they reading?

What are candidates reading and looking at?  Know what content is the most engaging on your site.


Popular Police Career Pages

what opportunities get the most interest?

Easily measure what content and recruiting campaigns drive the most traffic.  


what recruiting efforts are the most effective?

Analytics can clearly show what marketing and recruiting efforts are the most effective.


User engagement with law enforcement jobs

how can we improve our recruiting efforts?

Find A Force analytics provides real-time data allowing us to modify and improve recruiting efforts immediately.


Improve Police Recruiting Efforts

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