2-Star Recruiting Package

immediate impact law enforcement recruiting package

2 Star Recruiting Package

2-Star Digital Recruiting Package

Attract New Police Officers by Leveraging Effective Branding, Web Design, and Digital Marketing Services.

Our 2-Star Recruiting Package is an all-inclusive recruiting package providing your department with the tools and services to improve on your existing recruiting efforts.

Public Relations & Media Strategy:  (2 day consultation)

This is a high-level evaluation and program strategy developed by Julie Parker, founder of Julie Parker Communications. Julie has immense experience with and respect for law enforcement organizations. She helps departments through crisis management, public relations, and media and social media strategies. Julie’s initial consultations will create the framework for your program. She is directly involved with the high-level strategies for your recruitment program and attuned to the needs of the policing profession today.

Branding & Messaging:  (2 day consultation)

Julie Parker and Mark Cyphers run a creative analysis consultation with your key stakeholders to modernize your brand and messaging across various mediums (i.e. web, social media, TV, local advertising, etc.). With Julie’s extensive experience with law enforcement and Mark’s two decades of brand-building and message development, you’ll work with two industry leaders on your discovery and creative consultations.

Digital Marketing:  (30 days)

Using the information collected during the media, branding, and messaging consultations, Julie and Mark create your digital marketing strategy. This determines what digital mediums will be leveraged to promote and advertise your department and the career opportunities you have available. The digital marketing campaigns will showcase the new branding and messaging efforts created specifically for your department and build on the media strategies we outline. You’ll start to see your campaign come alive during this phase, where strategic content and advertising is placed throughout the digital marketplace, hyper-focused on attracting your target audiences. Our digital marketing campaigns leverage opportunities on Facebook, Google, Google partner sites, local business, and local search. In addition, your website will be optimized for improved search engine rankings.

Web Design:  (12-16 weeks)

Each project has varying needs for website improvements. We’ll evaluate your website in the initial consultations and create a plan to either rework your existing site, or create a new website with the brand and messaging enhancements. The website will serve as a foundation for your campaign to which most advertising and digital marketing efforts will point. It is a crucial piece of your success, and our user experience experts will make certain all best practices are in place to engage and convert new recruits.

Analytics & Reporting:  (ongoing)

Find A Force will measure all marketing efforts surrounding your campaign. This allows us to benchmark and measure the success of each of our initiatives. Using Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other analytical tools, we’ll measure where candidates came from, what they typed into the search engines, how they interacted with your website, what percentage of them converted, and where we lost candidates along the way in order to find solutions to improve conversion rates. This data enables us to evaluate each of your marketing efforts and adjust to seize success.


The Find A Force Digital Officer Recruiting Packages can be and typically are customized to meet each of our client’s specific needs.  Please contact us to get specific pricing for each of our recruiting packages.

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Find A Force Police Officer Digital Recruiting Packages

2 Star Recruiting Package

2-STAR Recruiting package

Is your law enforcement agency or police department looking to transition into digital recruiting?  Our 2-Star Digital Recruiting Package is a great way to improve your recruiting efforts

3 Star Recruiting Package

3-star recruiting package

Find A Force’s 3-Star Digital Recruiting Package will provide your department with all the tools, training and support to execute and facilitate effictive digital recruiting services.

4 Star Recruiting Package

4-star recruiting package

Our “all-in” 4-Star Digital Recruiting Package is a robust combination of initial and ongoing recruiting services to help your police department get started, and continue your recruiting efforts.

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