Social Media Strategies

SOCIAL media strategies
for police departments

Your Department's Social Media Presence has a Direct Impact on Your Brand and Community.

Social Media is a direct line of communication for many law enforcement agencies and police departments.  It allows your department to build your brand, get ahead of a story or crisis, show personality, and speak directly with the communities you serve.  Find A Force works with your PIOs and Recruiters to strategize and build an effective social media presence.  In addition, social media is an important piece to improving your existing recruiting efforts.  Most job seekers spend time researching their potential employer and social media is typically the first place they will look.  It is important that your entire social presence highlights the culture, the vision, and the value of your department.

Improving your image and brand, clarifying your message, and declaring your department’s goals and objectives surrounding community engagement can begin to repair any previous reputational damage. These actions can help entice candidates who might have been indecisive or decided not to pursue law enforcement altogether.


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